MadDogHouze Records will move your body for you.


MadDogHouze Records is a small independent record label in Georgia. We are looking for talented producers and singers alike. We hope to hear from you!


We make all kinds of music but we mainly focus around the EDM and other sort of electronic music.

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Where We Hope To Be In...

In 2013-2014 we hope to start selling albums of our artists music under the labels, soon to be made, logo. We also hope to have at least 10 artists on the label and have at least 1 of their albums done. If possible with our budget we hope to have live shows soon enough. We will be accepting all sorts of artists from producers, to rappers, to guitarists. We look for people in the surrounding areas who want to be apart of a label and have the experience before getting known as much. Please send us your demos through our "Contact Us" menu. 

What Our Rules Are So Far Are...

If you are apart of the label don't make fun of in anyway, shape, form, or fashion the label itself or any of its artists. A percentage of album sales will go STRICTLY towards the business. This could be anything from saving up for our building or any equipment we may need. Steeling from the company will not be tolerated in anyway. There will be no pay YET. All pay you get at the moment will be from your album sales which we will support and advertise as much as possible.


Create, Imagine, Dream, Invite, and Invent




, Columbus, Georgia